Revolutionary Design Extends Al Fresco Living at Heatmax NZ

Monday 23 March 2020, 5:42PM
By Beckie Wright

If you are looking for a safe, reliable robust and clean-burning patio heater to replace the rusted out, dented, hard to light old thing you might currently own, then look no further than Heatmax NZ’s popular design in radiant outdoor heating.

Constructed from 304 high grade stainless steel, the cutting edge design, low gas consumption and clean burning nature of the Heatmax HM450 radiant gas heater, makes this the heater of choice for discerning home owners who have spotted it in use in cafes and restaurants across the nation.

Honed to perfection by the grueling demands of the hospitality industry who require that their heaters are easy to light, easy to move, and will operate for many hours unattended, the Heatmax HM450 has piezzo ignition and no pilot light and really goes the distance, with 40 hours of burn time from a 9kg gas bottle.

When approving this heater for use outdoors and under cover, plus indoor commercial use, the Australian Gas Association test laboratory commented on the high output and low input of the HM450. With its efficient gas usage (1/4 that of conventional patio heaters) and an emission level of almost zero, it is a responsible eco-friendly, zero carbon choice, conserving both money and fuel and making a minimal environmental impact.

Being a directional radiant heater, all the heat can be directed to where it is required without heating empty spaces and dead areas.  It is a great solution for heating on decks. It is easy to move and the flame will extinguish if it is accidentally knocked over, and the arm and head can be disconnected for easy storage when not in use.

Revolutionary in design, the Heatmax HM450 is not the cheapest outdoor heater on the market, but it is undisputedly the best, so for more information on gas wall heaters, gas patio heaters and outdoor umbrellas NZ please go to .