BDO Graduate Applications for 2021 Now Open

Monday 23 March 2020, 8:50PM
By Beckie Wright

BDO, the world-class financial services firm, has officially announced that graduate applications for 2021 are now open. BDO provides a unique opportunity for candidates, as it offers a vibrant culture, with plenty of space for professional development, personal fulfilment, and long-term upskilling.

A central part of BDO’s perspective on business is the understanding that their success can be attributed toward the relationship between employer and staff.  be glad to know that BDO’s outlook is to focus on people, not just the numbers.The connections between people are ultimately what drive any business, so prospective graduates will

The relaxed atmosphere which BDO strives to maintain is a huge benefit regarding collaboration, and regarding health. This approach isn’t common in the financial industry, making BDO a rare example of people-first culture. Over time, this has proven effective, as the culture drives newcomers to ask questions, learn, develop, and get involved in the company quickly and easily.

BDO also prides itself on being able to offer early access to Partners and early client involvement to graduate applicants. Rather than spending a great deal of time integrating into the company, BDO aims to help newcomers start building client relationships as soon as possible. BDO Partners also personally support and assist the teams that graduate applicants will get to be a part of, and this can help build professional networks for applicants much faster than elsewhere.

Finally, BDO understands that balance is key, and that success in business is only truly possible as part of a well-balanced life. BDO therefore offers social club membership, health programmes, group fitness classes, sporting events and health checks. BDO encourages socialisation, volunteering in the community, and a good work-life balance.

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