CodeBlue Moves Across 'The Ditch'

Wednesday 25 March 2020, 3:44AM
By Beckie Wright

Last month CodeBlue moved across the Tasman to Australia, with the CSG Technology (formerly known as R&G Technologies) operating as CodeBlue Australia. This move allows CodeBlue to offer a consistent and fully integrated IT managed service across Australia and New Zealand says Daniel McIvor, CodeBlue’s New Zealand Chief Operating Officer.

Daniel goes on, “CodeBlue’s service desks in both New Zealand and Australia are using the same processes and systems, providing highly sophisticated remote monitoring and support, and going forward their customers can choose to use service desk support in Australia or New Zealand, or both, depending on which best suits them. Customers will be supported by the most sophisticated service desk platforms in our industry, with merged ticketing systems, knowledge-based tool sets and remote management and monitoring”.

CodeBlue is now in every major city across Australia and New Zealand, with engineers, technicians and account managers available across 14 cities, with the two companies complementing each other, servicing the same client segments and offering similar services.

CodeBlue New Zealand is a recognised and trusted IT brand, with national presence in New Zealand, and this transition will use the recognition and longevity of the brand to gain market share in the IT and tech markets in Australia. By becoming a trans-Tasman company, the service offered by CodeBlue is strengthened, and their ability to grow the business is enhanced, helping the customers they support.

CodeBlue wish to stress the fact that the rebrand will not impact any services or support from the two companies, and will not change staffing or local management. They also stress that together they aim to maintain their ‘customer first’ approach, building on customer intimacy, with account management and onsite engineering support close to the customer.

As Daniel concludes, “Nobody else is doing this. We’ve put in place a formula for achieving a major increase in scale, without sacrificing the personal service which underpins our philosophy of delivering IT services that work to make your business better”, so for more information on cyber security, cloud computing and business continuity please go to .