Canopy Cancer Care's Under the Canopy Stress the Importance of Fitness & Exercise

Wednesday 25 March 2020, 1:27PM
By Beckie Wright

Under the Canopy explain that having cancer affects your physical health in many different ways. Whether your aim is to maintain your regular exercise regime or to build up a program, you are improving your chances for a positive outcome, so how do you improve your fitness.

If you need a personal trainer or would prefer a supervised clinical environment, Under the Canopy can provide the solution, in the form of FERN Health and the ExerScience Clinic.

FERN is a nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing health service for people wanting to enhance their quality of life, with their primary focus being supporting those affected by cancer. Their passion is to enable positive differences through nutrition, exercise and wellbeing to those through their cancer journey.

By working with a specialist one on one trainer, you will be given the right advice tailored to your condition and goals. It might be that you want to be able to walk for 10 minutes unaided, complete a spin class or improve your range of movement. Whatever your goal is, it is up to you and your trainer to work together to work out what is right for you, so to find out more go to .

The ExerScience Clinic provides medically monitored exercise rehabilitation services to those who have had a cancer diagnosis, and aims to reduce the impact of treatment-related side effects, improve physical function and enhance overall wellbeing. All exercise is individually prescribed and is performed under a high level of supervision.

The ExerScience Clinic is the first medically-focused exercise rehabilitation clinic of its kind in New Zealand. Based in Grafton, Auckland, this very exciting addition to Auckland’s medical facilities bridges the gap between intervention and independence, so to find out more please go to .

For more information on cancer treatment NZ, Richard Sullivan and integrative oncology please go to .