Andrew of Winchester Counselling Talks About Relationship Intensive

Wednesday 25 March 2020, 6:21PM
By Beckie Wright

Andrew says, “Most of the couples I see in relationship counselling come to me because they are feeling lost and stuck, or feel like their communication has degraded beyond repair. Relationship problems can happen to anyone, but they do not have to mean the end. In fact, approaching these issues with a qualified relationship counsellor and the right mindset can rebuild the foundations of a relationship to be much stronger than before”.

Relationship Intensives are designed to massively fast track the healing and connection process for couples, and can be used for almost any issue a couple experiences. They do in a day or two what otherwise might take a couple of months in therapy. They jump start the therapy process, often shifting couples quickly into a more connected, loving space making the whole therapy process more enjoyable and effective.  They can also be good for couples at a tipping point trying to decide whether to stay or go.

Intensives are scientifically validated as an effective and supportive way to achieve significant relational gains in a short period of time. When accompanied by appropriate follow up activity they have been shown to be extremely effective at shortening the length of therapy required, the overall cost, and increasing the experienced level of connection between the couple.

Clients are often worried that it will feel overwhelming but typically this is not the case.  Unlike couples workshops there is complete privacy and all sessions are individually tailored to your needs and situation. For many couples simply booking a day or two off work is easier than multiple shorter appointments.  They can take breaks for rests, stretching, food and bathroom breaks.  Andrew advises it will be a full day and you will probably be tired at the end of the day; however resolving issues more thoroughly tends to lead to strong feelings of satisfaction – a job well done, so for more information on counselling Christchurch, marriage counselling and depression counselling please go to .