A Guide to Dil's Facilities

Friday 27 March 2020, 4:51AM
By Beckie Wright

As Dils say, the place you choose to have your funeral can be tremendously important to the memories you will take away, and those of everyone attending, so to help you with your choice, Dil’s have a guide to their facilities as follows.

At their North Harbour Chapel, gentle, cascading water provides a contemplative backdrop to the main chapel. The chapel seats 120 but the walls move to accommodate up to 200 people seated and more standing if necessary. The chapel has everything that is required to accommodate the modern funeral, including sound system, audio visual equipment and web streaming. They also have an intimate chapel with seating for 20.

The reception lounge located adjacent to the chapel is the ideal place to meet with family and friends after the service to share refreshments and memories in a more relaxed environment. There are also three private viewing areas and two garden courtyards for your enjoyment, and arrangement and administrative offices. Their building also includes state of the art mortuary and preparation facilities.

Dil’s Birkenhead Chapel is small and intimate, a personal and homely venue for funerals that require seating for 40 or less. It includes a private viewing room and arrangement office. This location is a popular choice for many Birkenhead residents who feel a strong connection with the area. It can also be a very convenient viewing location even if the funeral is being held elsewhere.

In addition to being available for funerals, the Grief Centre operates from this building, offering counselling and other grief related support to those in need

Finally, Schnapper Rock Cremations is Dil’s private crematorium located at their North Harbour Chapel. Operating their own crematorium allows them to extend the care they offer families. This means that you don’t have to involve a third party in the cremation process, which provides additional confidence knowing that the Dil’s team are looking after this for you too.

Their cremator has an adjacent viewing room which also allows greater flexibility for families that might want to witness the casket being placed in the cremator or have other cultural requirements, so for more information on funeral services Auckland, funeral directors Auckland and prepaid funerals please go to .