Good Electrical Advise What to do When Your Hot Water Cylinder Isn't Heating

Friday 27 March 2020, 4:55AM
By Beckie Wright

In New Zealand most hot water cylinders are simply buried somewhere in the back of the cupboard, quietly doing their glorious job of heating our water.  It isn’t until the dreaded cold shower one morning that we fully appreciate the vital task they perform.  Buying a new hot water cylinder can be a daunting task; one which many people will have no prior product knowledge or experience in, so it is best to call your electrician first as they will very probably be able to fix your problem

In most cases the reason for having no no hot water is due to an electrical problem. Alternatively, there may be a plumbing problem, like cold water continuously feeding into the cylinder due to a leak in a hot water pipe of a faulty pressure reducing valve, pressure limiting valve or safety valve.

With all electrical fault scenarios, if you are unsure how to investigate or rectify the problem, Good Electrical strongly recommend asking a professional electrician for assistance. If your cylinder is gurgling lots or sounds like it’s boiling, the hot water at the tap is way too hot or there is hot water spilling out onto your roof, then turn off the power to the hot water cylinder and call an electrician so they can check the thermostat.  Also make sure you keep kids away from the hot taps so they don’t get burnt.

At this stage it’s probably a fault with either the hot water cylinder element (the thing that heats the water up), the hot water cylinder thermostat (the thing that controls the water temperature) or the relay, so call an electrician, and always let your electrician know that it’s a hot water cylinder you need help with. 

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