Bathrooms in Auckland Use Social Media For Their Testimonials

Friday 27 March 2020, 3:59PM
By Beckie Wright

Bathrooms in Auckland make full use of their social media channels to spread the word regarding their testimonials. As soon as they receive a new testimonial, they share it with as many people as possible in as many places as possible. This serves a double purpose. First of all, it strengthens their reputation and presence online and second of all, it serves as a thank you to the person who was nice enough to take the time to write the testimonial, such as these samples below. 

Mandy says, "If you need a new bathroom, look no further than Bathrooms in Auckland. Jason, Dayna and the team of tradies are very hard working and efficient. We received our design and quote almost immediately after Jason first visited. We had our new bathroom in just over three weeks after the work commenced. The team have communicated with us at every step, have involved us in decision making and been flexible to encompass changes. Our bathroom looks amazing and I wish I could include a before and after shot to show the transformation!" 

And Dorothy says, "My original bathroom is dated and rundown and didn’t allow for disability access for my elderly mum who is bedridden currently. I sourced three quotes and chose Bathrooms in Auckland. His was not the most expensive quote nor was it the cheapest. We looked for quality and I’m happy to say we got it. 

“Dayna and Jason produced after the first consultation meeting a very professional quotation with all the details, pictures and costs. Jason knew exactly what he was doing but he works in a very consultative manner to make sure that we were happy every step of the way. He has definitely done this many times before! In one day he gutted the old bathroom for the next stage. He didn’t lose any time and coordinated his team of tradies who worked back to back in a very professional manner”. 
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