Visualcraft Say Sustainability Matters

Friday 27 March 2020, 4:14PM
By Beckie Wright

Working green is the new normal. If your workplace needs an environmentally friendly overhaul, it is important to break down the definition of a green/sustainable building, how an organisation can reduce its office eco-footprint, and the benefits of a sustainable workplace, including energy expenditure and increased productivity.

Reducing your environmental footprint helps you waste less energy, reduce operational expenditure, and invest in your people. Visualcraft are a genuinely ethical business, and working sustainably is very important to them. They are constantly striving to make honest decisions, and implement solutions that benefit their clients, their community and their planet. In saying this, they have undertaken significant steps to put in place practices such as monitoring and measuring their waste, water and electricity, and recycling aluminium by-products. Their commitment to making their business as environmentally sustainable as possible has reaped great rewards, and they are proud of the hard earned success they have achieved this far.

This attitude is carried through to how they do business, and Visualcraft takes conceptual ideas and turns them into visual reality. Their award winning team are creative thinkers with proven expertise in delivering exceptional printing and signage solutions to some of New Zealand’s most recognisable brands.

They also advocate the improvement of their employees’ knowledge, status, and character by their own efforts, and as leaders in their industry, they are constantly striving to improve their knowledge through hard work and personal development.

The ROI of going green is now well established. Buildings and offices are seeing measurable benefits across a range of areas, including reduced expenditure, workforce productivity and staff engagement, so for more information on vehicle fleet graphics and wrap, printing services Auckland and business card printing please go to .