Zorilla Brand Secure Exclusivity for MMUK MAN Men's Make-u

Friday 27 March 2020, 5:04PM
By Beckie Wright

There has been a real buzz out there lately on the success of make-up for men, and Zorilla Brand secured exclusivity for MMUK MAN men’s make-up two years’ ago, and are now the exclusive distributor for the brand in Australia and New Zealand. There has also been a lot of press about War Paint for Men, another brand in the UK, which recently went on Dragon’s Den. 

When Zorilla first started looking for the best make-up for men  back in the beginning of 2018 they looked at what Alex Dalley had created for MMUK MAN in the UK. Since then many more brands have come, some have already gone, but MMUK MAN has continued to dominate the global market.  

Having dealt with severe acne in his teens, Alex had resorted to using his mother’s make-up, so during his final year at university, he developed a business idea to explore the concept of makeup for men. His dream was to produce a Makeup For Men brand that would break the stereotype at the time that ‘men don’t wear makeup’. He built a brand that many believed would never be successful. MMUK MAN was born. 

In addition to BB Creams ( tinted moisturisers ) and concealers, he went on to create some firsts for men, such as beard filler, brow pencils and most recently, lipstick. Now, MMUK MAN is being sold on multiple continents and is available in stores around the world. 

Zorilla Brand have already built a huge client base in both New Zealand and Australia, and they have key retailers stocking make up for men in Auckland and in Sydney. Due to this fast paced growth and the market they have in Australasia, Zorilla are excited to announce that they have secured another men’s make-up brand under their Zorilla umbrella, Shake Up.   

As they say, “Men’s Make-up is here to stay. For sure”, so for more information on solid perfume, men’s grooming and men’s grooming products please go to .