Proquip NZ the Specialist in Equipment for Healthcare Environments

Monday 30 March 2020, 7:01PM
By Beckie Wright

Healthcare environments have one of the highest degrees of noise sensitivity, cross contamination risks and safety requirements, and Proquip is a specialist in the areas of raising productivity and reducing costs with sound advice and suitable products, starting with low-noise vacuums.

Low-noise vacuums allow for daytime cleaning whilst improving filtration, performance and capacity.  Superior vacuum filtration with the ability to raise HEPA filtration even higher for health critical applications, and is ideal for working around those with respiratory allergies.

Similarly, you can maintain your floor finish shine with high-speed burnishing. Not only does it make the floor finish shine but more important, it makes the floor easier to keep clean. You can also keep floors hygienically clean with low noise, easy to operate floor scrubbers. Take your floor cleaning process through all the steps – from loosening dirt, sucking it away and leaving the floor nearly dry – all in one pass.

As they say at Proquip, “When it needs to be CLEAN, it needs to be STEAM CLEANED! And with our latest product here at Proquip – steam cleaning just reached a whole new level.” Their new product, the Blue Evolution S+ Steam Machine, was designed and manufactured in Italy, to bring us the world’s most advanced steamer and vacuum cleaner. The Blue Evolution S+ is perfect for sanitising commercial surfaces or work environments, even in hard-to-access areas.

Say goodbye to bacteria with the Blue Evolution S+, with its constant 8 bar pressure, soils, dust, and other nasties are lifted from the surface while the integrated ultraviolet lamp deals to germs and bacteria, eliminating them with strong germicidal action. 

Proquip carries only the best leading international brands sourced from leading commercial and industrial-grade manufacturers, and with Proquip solutions comes the peace of mind that you are using branded products that represent the very best in design, innovation and manufacturing quality and that all products are proven internationally.

With nearly 100 years of collective experience in the cleaning industry, Proquip NZ continues to offer its customers intelligent and practical solutions, so for more information on polishing pads and commercial vacuum cleaners NZ please go to