Make Bath Time Fun with Award Winning Shnuggle Baths from Dimples

Monday 30 March 2020, 8:23PM
By Beckie Wright

The multi-award winning Shnuggle Bath is now available at baby store Dimples.  Available in pink, aqua, white, grey and navy the Shnuggle Bath is designed to make bathtime less stressful for parents and fun for baby. 

Shnuggle have changed stressful baby bath time into a fun and easy experience for both parent and baby. Bathtime should be quality, one on one time with the baby. The bath is suitable for ages from newborn to 12 months. The clever bum bump helps support even the tiniest baby in an upright position, offering a more enjoyable and comfortable bathtime. The Shnuggle Baby Bath offers a comfortable and cosy expereince for babies as well as giving new mums and dads confidence to handle their newborn at bathtime.

The bath has an integrated "Bum Bump" to help support the baby while in the water. The foam backrest and the rubber feet give extra grip on almost any surface keeping them cosy, warm and stable. The unique shape ensures enough water surrounds your baby to keep them warm. It is compact and the unique shape allows it to fit in most kitchen sinks. It stores away easily and the closed in design gives baby the feeling of being in the womb.

Dimples also stores other Shnuggle products like their hooded towel. The wearable, easy to release towel is the perfect shape to wrap the baby up. It is made from a soft white cotton, hooded and trimmed in grey. There is also a handy hook for easy drying.

The shape of the Shnuggle towel means you can wrap it around your body with an easy loop to fasten. This means the parent can lift baby out of the bath, whilst staying dry. It’s clever design also means that once the baby is lifted, the parent can undo the towel from around themselves and wrap it around the baby. Having the towel draped over the shoulder and secured around the waist means the parent can bathe the baby and lift them while having both hands free.

Shnuggle’s Washy is another brilliant bathtime accessory that is designed to take the tears and tantrums away from hair rinsing and scalp washing. The neat little jug has a soft grip handle for parents and then a flexible edge which contours gently to the top of baby’s forehead and tips the water safely away from sensitive little eyes. A perfect bathtime accessory for all ages – from treating baby’s cradle cap to washing a toddler’s curly locks, the Washy can be used time and time again to keep bathtime tear free.  

Dimples has also dropped their latest clothing collection – Dear Sophie. The new collection is for all children – baby explorers. The collection has hoodies, shirts, overalls, bodysuits and pants.


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