CheckHome Advocating Essential Benefits of Pre-Purchase House Inspections

Tuesday 31 March 2020, 2:17PM
By Beckie Wright

Among New Zealand’s leading property inspection companies, CheckHome is reminding NZ citizens of the many benefits provided by a pre-purchase home inspection. First time property buyers and experienced investors alike should understand the significance of these inspections.

Pre-purchase house inspections paint a more accurate portrait of a property’s value by uncovering hidden issues that could become future expenses. For this reason, pre-purchase inspections allow home buyers and sellers alike to make more informed decisions regarding the sale of a property.

CheckHome’s pre-purchase inspections accomplish this in several crucial ways. First, they closely examine the structural integrity of the building. Structural issues such as cracking walls, rusty roofing, rotting support beams, and internal dampness are responsible for some of the costliest and most labour-intensive repairs that property owners encounter.

CheckHome issues a detailed report following every inspection. This report will include estimated costs of any potential repairs that may be necessary, either at the time of the inspection or in the future if left unaddressed. Structural repairs are included in this report, as are other potential safety concerns, including the presence of asbestos, mildew, mould, and other dangerous substances.

By determining the cost of the urgent and future repairs a property faces, home buyers can leverage the cost of the property against the cost of its likely maintenance expenses to determine that property’s true value. These inspections empower both buyers and sellers alike, as sellers can address these concerns before placing the property on the market, thus adding significant value to the property and justifying a higher asking price.

CheckHome is conveniently situated to provide pre-purchase home inspections to New Zealanders, with offices in Canterbury, Kapiti Coast, Manawatu, Wairarapa, and Wellington.

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