Peter Swan Limited Provide Innovative Design Solutions

Tuesday 31 March 2020, 7:01PM
By Beckie Wright

Engineering and project management company Peter Swan Limited understand the intense budgetary demands of a large-scale industrial architecture project. They have developed design and project management solutions that ensure businesses will get optimal value for their investment.

When it comes to managing expectations with efficient planning Peter Swan Limited has delivered on budget each time. Their well thought out design and construction process does not compromise on innovation or quality. 

Peter Swan Limited are leaders in streamlining the design and construction processes so that the project’s budget maximises efficiency. With their extensive experience the company has identified phases and processes that are wasteful. With smarter approaches to architecture they can help avoid unexpected expenses. Their focus is on efficient planning, practical design which is backed by extensive experience and knowledge.

The company has an extensive portfolio of high-profile projects and this has made them one of the most sought-after companies in the construction industry. Their innovative architectural designs have solved many challenges experienced by the industrial sector. This field of design is complex and demanding, requiring precise and exact standards of engineering and architecture.

Peter Swan Limited has adopted a process that gets them deeply involved in its clients’ businesses and creates long term relationships. The buildings they design have a clear function and when designing commercial buildings, they are fully aware of how these buildings will be used for and who will be using them.

Working across New Zealand Peter Swan Limited has developed specialized knowledge in the food industry. Food business centres are one of their core businesses. They have designed facilities for Bidfood throughout New Zealand. With the Wiri Feed Mill for Viterra New Zealand Ltd they built a ruminant feed mill, bulk grain storage and handling facilities. They also specialize in the design and delivery of processing, chilling, freezing, cold storage and material handling projects for the food industry. The company understands how New Zealand is dependent on the export of primary products and innovative and efficient food processing industry allows it complete effectively in the world market.  

Businesses that need to find out about the expertise that they can bring to commercial architecture projects can contact Peter Swan Limited.

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