Enjoy Being Mobile – Rent from Walk on Wheels

Tuesday 31 March 2020, 7:58PM
By Beckie Wright

Walk on Wheels has rental options available for clients who need to test a mobility device. The professional staff from their Auckland team can offer in-home service to help clients choose products. The company offers maintenance and service options for all their products.

Clients who have trouble understanding how products work and need to choose between options can contact Walk on Wheels. Their trusted advice makes sure these clients have the right products for their needs. Their goal is to give clients the best products and service.

The renting option is ideal for clients who want to test products to see what provides them the most mobility. Renting products is a great way to ensure that these products work. Walk on Wheels can change items and work with clients to get the right future purchase.

A great way to confirm that a specific piece of equipment is perfect is to rent from Walk on Wheels. They offer rental equipment at reasonable prices for both short and long term hire. This option is ideal for family members to see how independence can be enhanced in the home setting and can also give the user time to gain confidence and check suitability in your own time. Walk on Wheels can rent out mobility scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, walkers, knee scooters, bathroom equipment and lifts chairs. 

Visitors who want to rent a mobility scooter in Auckland can also contact Walk on Wheels. They are master distributors of the high quality INVACARE range of mobility products, such as scooters, walkers, power chairs and wheelchairs. They also stock, LITEWAY scooters, CTM scooters, INVACARE scooters and PRIDE.

Walk on Wheels We have in stock a wide range of all sizes of mobility scooter and power chair batteries. Their onsite service and repairs make it easy for customers to buy with confidence knowing that all products come with full warranties. ​If equipment repairs are required due to wear and tear, repairs can be done at the in-store workshop. Walk on Wheelsww also modify and adapt a large range of equipment and can even work with associated items like cars and around the home.

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