Helping you and your business get through Covid 19 Helping you and your business get through Covid 19 CREDIT:

Helping you and your business get through Covid-19

Wednesday 8 April 2020, 3:07PM
By MegaTest

-Recommendation- For our business it is vital to communicat and network with like minded interviduals-

Virtual Networking

In difficult times, community is more important than ever. To support local businesses during the Covid-19 lockdown period, The Networkers is offering free online networking meetings to anyone that would like to join.

We’re a heart based organisation, and our goal is to help people and their businesses thrive. We believe the best way we can help right now is to provide a friendly, supportive space for business people to connect with others in the community.

The weekly Zoom meetings have been a great way to maintain connections in lockdown. It’s been so valuable to stay in touch with the group and hear the latest updates from different industries. 
- Ally Mullord, Ctrl+C

Our one-hour meetings are structured yet relaxed and are run by experienced Facilitators. For more information on what to expect during a business networking meeting, check out our video.

Meetings will be held at 12.30 on Tuesday and Thursday over Zoom.

There are no rules about industry limitations, or long approval processes - just let us know which meeting day suits you best using the form below, and we’ll be in touch with the Zoom link for your preferred meeting.

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