APS Equipment Bring You the Magni Zero Emissions Telehandler Option

Thursday 16 April 2020, 10:57AM
By Beckie Wright

APS Equipment explain that for the Magni rotating telehandler range there is an option of a twin-energy system allowing the machine to operate with an electrical motor or a diesel engine. This is for work inside buildings or closed spaces where the telehandler can be driven to the required lift spot then plugged into an electrical connection and operated with no harmful exhaust gasses and no need for expensive ventilation devices. 

For work outside the telehandler can be operated as normal with the diesel engine.

A Telehandler is like a large all-terrain forklift or loader but has a telescopic boom and three types of steering —front wheel steer, four wheel turn, or sideways steer (Crab steer). By using different attachments your Telehandler has the ability to lift, grab, dig or move materials – it is incredibly versatile. To get more from your Telehandler, you need to be conversant with Telehandler safety requirements.

While Telehandlers are adaptable and can often reach more areas than an average forklift or truck crane, it is very important to approach each one safely. First and foremost, you must make sure the person operating the Telehandler has been trained to do so. Without competent training, a Telehandler can become a dangerous piece of equipment.

As with any large machine, awareness is key to Telehandler safety. This awareness includes knowing who is going to be on the site you are working on, as well as who could potentially enter it. While a lot of Telehandlers offer a panoramic view of your surroundings, it is only your awareness that will prevent you from injuring others. You also need to be aware that the boom alongside you can obscure your direct view of that side – always check the mirrors.

It is also necessary that the operator has good eyesight, good depth perception, and an understanding of correct hand signals. While working on a noisy site, in a noisy machine, using the correct hand signals allows you to make moves that are safe if guided from the perspective of someone who is on the ground.

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