Greenlion Are There With Business Advisory Services & Budgeting Tools During COVID-19 Crisis

Thursday 16 April 2020, 12:46PM
By Beckie Wright

Part of managing through the crisis financially is to ensure we’re looking after ourselves in other ways too. Our physical, psychological and emotional health will play a role in our financial health, and vice versa. There are also a few different ways to approach getting the help we need. From income support to reduced spending and creditors adjusting payment requirements to give us some breathing room, the combined effect of all three will have the greatest positive effect on our overall situation.

Greenlion believe that a good budget makes managing money and reaching financial goals more of a certainty, and their advisory services use their knowledge and understanding of how business really works. It’s about driving growth and managing risk, so it’s no accident that their team have a passion for people and for success. This comes from having a purpose they believe in.

Greenlion’s advisory services include Virtual CFO Services, design and implementation of systems, including cloud computing, advisory boards and non-executive director services and App advisory. They also provide succession planning, strategic planning, finance structuring advisory and asset protection and planning.

The uncertainty and rapidly changing nature of the pandemic means we need to think on our feet while still making sound decisions. At Greenlion they are there to help you, whether it's acting as a sounding board, formulating funding requests for the bank or reviewing and implementing systems to allow staff to work at home, so please call them if you would like to talk.

 Should a meeting be required Greenlion will be moving any face-to-face/in-person meetings to virtual meetings, and will instead be in contact with you directly by phone/Zoom or similar as an alternative to having face-to-face meetings.

Finally, Greenlion say, “As we move into more uncertain times with Alert level 4 we wanted to reiterate that we are here to support you and your business. There is a lot of information coming out and we want to keep you up to date and to provide you with the important details”.

During this time of income uncertainty, getting up-to-date information can ease your stress and worry, so for more information on business advisory services, chartered accountants Auckland and budgeting tools please go to .