Wood Solutions' Philosophy

Thursday 16 April 2020, 1:43PM
By Beckie Wright

Wood Solutions pride themselves on completing all their contracts to an exceptionally high standard, and to achieve this standard, they have an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. They are always looking for new design trends and products to test and offer to their clients, and are constantly thinking outside the box, accepting challenges, working collaboratively together and always striving for perfection. As they say, “Great joinery comes from great design, quality products, planning experience and expert execution”.

Wood Solutions are a close-working, highly experienced team operating with a specialty, comprehensive business package, coupled with CAD based Microvellum design and production software. This allows for precise accurate information for clients and production staff, with over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. Wood Solutions is a member of the Master Joiners MJ (New Zealand’s largest industry body) and plays an active part within the industry.  This involvement includes regular industry meetings and annual conferences. Their General Manager is a past National President and still serves on the MJ National Executive, visiting factories and suppliers throughout the country.

These commitments from the company assist the industry and allow Wood Solutions to be at the front of the information chain and latest developments, along with building strong relationships and connections with suppliers and other joinery manufacturers throughout the country.

Wood Solutions, due to its long history in the industry has all the necessary systems, machinery and a stable workforce in place to undertake any type of timber joinery work. These factors have allowed them to work on many challenging projects in Otago, throughout New Zealand and on occasions, internationally. 

For over 20 years Wood Solutions has had staff based in Queenstown, installing and consulting with clients. This cements the company’s commitment to the region making them one of the longest established joinery companies in the Central Otago Region. 

Wood Solutions now supplies over 70% of its production into the Central Otago area, so to find out more about joinery specialists Dunedin, kitchen joinery Dunedin and bespoke kitchen cabinets please go to .