Distraction Control Important For Your Home Office

Thursday 23 April 2020, 9:31AM
By Beckie Wright

There are many reasons why people choose to work from home, most of them good! Imagine not having to dress up every day, climb into the car and negotiate your way across the city to work. Most people who work from home love it, but they will all report the problem of distraction is high on the list of cons, in pros and cons.

A lot goes on in our homes; pets can be a distraction, children going and coming home from school, visitors unexpectedly calling and of course, the ever present sight of all the chores that need to be done around the house. Most people who work from home will have set their own distraction control rules, setting boundaries for themselves and committing to them. This includes setting work hours, and ignoring phone calls from friends until your break, just as you would in an office.

DB Interiors stress the importance of investing in ergonomic furniture, particularly your chair, so you won’t have the excuse of being too uncomfortable to keep working! Similarly, they say you need to set up a meeting space in your home, as you will sometimes need to meet clients, so setting up a designated area and keeping it tidy is a great idea.

 A professional looking home office design will equip you with many of the tools you need to sustain your business when working from home, and you may even find your business outgrows its humble beginnings and soon needs a commercial office space to accommodate its higher demand! When that day comes, contact DB Interiors to bring your new office to life.

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