Gubb Design Stress the Importance of Design Efficiency For Smarter Homes

Sunday 3 May 2020, 12:02AM
By Beckie Wright

Gubb Design are proponents of the idea of design efficiency, as one of the most important elements in designing smaller, smarter homes. Their designs outline what is relevant with regards to where bedrooms should be, placing windows to frame views and designing a natural flow to an outdoor courtyard. They are also concerned with fabric selection, fire protection, and minimising wastage.

Gubb Design’s work is informed by important design principles, helping you to take advantage of passive design for a more energy-efficient and comfortable home. Each of the universal principles aims to increase usability and liveability for a range of people and circumstances. They influence the layout of the floor plans, the treatment of the elevations and cross-sections and the careful placement and sizing of windows, and the use of skylights and light tubes, as well as light-coloured interior surfaces

It is important to keep in mind the people who will live in the house you design, and a liveable and well-planned house will be able to respond to the changing needs of your household without expensive alterations. Living areas should be large enough to give a sense of space, and to allow for flexibility in furniture arrangement so you can live the way you want. This includes excellent access to natural light and to outdoor living spaces when desired. A single space should be adaptable enough to serve different needs over time, such as a home office, bedroom, or teenage retreat.

Choosing the right designer for your project is arguably your most important decision on the path to your new home, and Gubb Design work with their clients to create solutions that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Their mission is to develop lasting relationships with their clients and provide a rewarding experience for all involved.

In every project, they undertake to pay close attention to the brief, location, scale, sustainability and use of materials in an holistic New Zealand context. This results in an innovative architecture that reflects the desires of you, the client, so for more information on new house designs, architects Auckland and architectural designers, with the link .