Who is Craft Construction Group?

Thursday 14 May 2020, 10:15PM
By Jobinson Journal Markets


Recently, I have found myself searching the web aimlessly, looking for ideal concepts for my 19th century villa. Whilst searching around Facebook, pinterest and those visual websites, I noticed Craft Construction Group (CCG) popped up with a man called Ben Holdich. So I thought, why not just sent him a message and see if he could help me at all. Whilst waiting for a response I noticed they are heavily active across all ot their networking platforms. Not only have I been messaged back within minutes, but their website is very professional and a great read. I have found the following : "CCG are a family owned group, operating in Auckland. We offer all forms of Architecture, Designs, Building, Renovations and Specialist Services through our impressive portfolio of companies. We work cohesively with you to bring your vision to life, whether it's with one of specialist companies or as an integrated end to end group solution. What sets us apart is our "will - do" partnership approach. This enables us to understand what you really want and to provide the best quality service. " I encourage you to have a read. or call 0800 4 CRAFT and ask for Ben