Drainage TV Now Performing Pre-Purchase Drain Inspections

Wednesday 20 May 2020, 2:08AM
By Beckie Wright

Drainage TV are now open under Levels 3/2 and all their staff are following strict social distancing guidelines while working, so you can book them now to carry out a pre-purchase drain inspection before you buy the property. If you are buying a new property, a pre-purchase drainage inspection will help to protect your investment, and Drainage TV’s pre-purchase inspection service will highlight any damage to pipes or blockages.

You will also learn about issues in the drains that may develop into problems in the future. This information is invaluable to making an informed decision before taking on such a large purchase. After all, you wouldn’t buy a house or other property with inspecting it in person, and getting a building inspector to check that it is structurally sound. The problem with drains is that they are under ground and therefore out of sight. They need specialists to check them thoroughly and properly, and that’s where Drainage TV come in.

Pre-purchase drainage inspections prevent you from making a purchase where significant drainage issues exist, and will also help your negotiations with the seller on the purchase price. It will also give you peace of mind that there will be no blocked or broken pipes in the weeks or months after you move in.

Often the seller of the property you are buying doesn’t even know there is a problem with the drains. That doesn’t mean you should pay for a problem that developed long before you owned the property, to arrange for a pre-purchase drain inspection on a property in Auckland, you can contact Drainage TV today.

Health and safety is of the utmost importance to Drainage TV, and they have a health and safety policy available to view if required. Holding regular health and safety meetings, their staff are trained to maintain the highest levels of safety, and for more information on pre-construction inspections, drainage cameras and camera drain inspections please go to .