Gubb Design can now perform Site Visits for their Clients with Social Distancing Practices in place

Wednesday 20 May 2020, 2:14AM
By Beckie Wright

With lockdown in New Zealand moving into level 2 since May 13th, restrictions have been easing up and people are slowly returning to their bustling, fast-paced lifestyles. Businesses are also starting to gear into action and move forward once again.

For those looking to continue with their renovations and house design planning, Gubb Design is now able to do in-depth site visits for their clients safely with their new social distancing regime in place.

With lockdown reaching level 2, the public can take relief in knowing the coronavirus is contained. However, maintaining social distancing is still a necessary precaution everyone must take because the risk of community transmission remains possible.  

Therefore, Gubb Design has taken the necessary precaution to ensure that lockdown regulations are met. Through Zoom, phone, or Skype, Gubb Design can perform site visits safely while making sure the client is engaged throughout the whole process.

This is a valuable opportunity to gain detailed information and accurate, realistic pricing, while still maintaining social distancing practices.

Gubb Design hold’s their client’s safety above all else and ensures that no surfaces will be touched throughout the visit. Gloves and masks will also be worn throughout the whole process. 

This is an excellent chance to clarify any doubts you have and gain the site information you need. Completing a site visit will decrease the possibility of unexpected prices cropping up later in the process. Not only this, but with a site visit you can continue your projects with confidence, unhindered by a vague awareness of what is required.

So, if you’re looking for the right architectural designers to perform your site visit, contact Gubb Design today to talk through your project. You can rest assured that their skill and attention to detail will provide you with the quality service to meet your needs. For more information, visit Gubb Design at