On-Site Placing Service From Fletcher Reinforcing

Wednesday 20 May 2020, 2:26AM
By Beckie Wright

Fletcher Reinforcing’s Placing (steel fixing) service, which is available throughout the country, enables them to offer both commercial and industrial construction customers a complete solution, featuring not only quality product, but installation by a highly professional team.

"The feedback we’ve had from clients has been extremely positive – they’re pleased that we’ve taken the initiative in offering this service and are eager to use it," says Fletcher Reinforcing’s Head of Reinforcing, Paul McIver.

Providing placing teams with the backing of their systems, particularly in relation to health and safety, is highly valued and this aspect of their business is greatly valued by many clients, on projects such as The Justice Precinct in Christchurch and The Waterview Tunnel in Auckland.

For major projects they will include a steel fixing supervisor in the early contractor discussions so that their experience can be used in the planning phase before a job commences.

By using this service, the site is in constant contact with the processing facility to ensure that last minute changes on site or changes to structures can be accommodated efficiently and at speed. This service removes a major site Health and Safety risk from the contractor and gives them the confidence that steel will be placed in time and in line with the construction schedule.

Fletcher Reinforcing’s steel placers are highly skilled workers, and they say, “Beyond our products and services, trust informs how we interact with every customer we have, and this is why it’s our most important value” so for more information on reinforcing steel, reinforcing bars, reinforcing mesh, pile cages, steel placing, steel fixers and steel placing services please go to