APS Equipment's Magni Produce a Zero Emissions Telehandler Option

Wednesday 20 May 2020, 8:17PM
By Beckie Wright

The APS Equipment team are committed to “going over and above” for their customers, and at the heart of their operation is their highly skilled and creative team. They work with you to assess your project requirements, looking closely at site-specific needs and unique constraints – then propose customised solutions to ensure you have the best available machines for the job, and Magni’s new zero emissions telehandler is a good example of this.  

For the Magni rotating telehandler range there is an option of a twin-system, allowing the machine to operate with an electrical motor or a diesel engine. For work inside buildings or closed spaces the telehandler can be driven to the required lift spot then plugged into an electrical connection and operated with no harmful exhaust gases and with no need for expensive ventilation devices. 

For all work outside, the telehandler can be operated as normal with the diesel engine. All Magni attachments and the remote control are compatible with the twin-energy solution. 

Magni is the game-changer in telescopic handlers. Not only do they produce some of the world’s biggest telehandlers – HTH50.14   (50 ton lift) and highest rotating telehandler – RTH6.51  (6 ton lift) with an impressive 51m reach height, their Italian made and designed Magni telehandlers have won three LLEAP (Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms) awards in a row, so for more information on Manitou telehandler, new telehandlers for sale and farm equipment for sale please go to .