Fit LTD Unveils new Premium Drawer System Simlead

Thursday 21 May 2020, 4:18PM
By Beckie Wright

Leading home interior specialists, Fit LTD, have introduced a new premium drawer system to their already extensive range.  

Simlead features slim walls—only 13mm wide—creating a stylish profile. The drawer system is available in dark grey and white and comes in 4 heights: A (97mm), B (138mm), C (185mm) and D (249mm). 

The drawer system’s is available in four key runner lengths to cater for almost every household use: 350mm, 450mm, 500mm, and 550mm. Smooth-running with minimal noise is guaranteed thanks to the drawer system’s synchronised movements.  

Simlead comes in two load capacities—40kg and 70kg—further enhancing this product’s applicability to a wide range of projects and situations. 

Two main models of these drawer kits are available; select from soft close function or push-to-open function which also includes soft close. The push-to-open model provides a few extra features, and includes some key innovations in drawer technology. 

First, Simlead push-to-open drawers have a smooth and consistent soft-close action, lacking the ‘bounce-back’ that some push-to-open drawers suffer from. The push-open function can also be toggled with a switch, and this means you can alternate between push-to-open and soft close variants without requiring any additional components.  

When operating as push-to-open, the Simlead drawer system can also be push-opened from shut, or partially shut, making operation completely hands-free; this is a real plus when you approach the drawer with your hands full, or when your hands are dusty or oily from baking or cooking. 

Overall, the system is projected to help drive forward kitchen storage technology, with its innovative new design. 

Further adjustments to Simlead products can be made based on project specifications. SImlead is available for supply in June, and you can see the details now by visiting the Fit website here at the following link: