DB Interiors Lay Out Their COVID-19 Response

Thursday 21 May 2020, 4:29PM
By Beckie Wright

Due to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic on New Zealand’s shores, and as the crisis moves from a health crisis to an economic crisis, we have all had to make adjustments which will result in key changes for our businesses. This means adapting systems, evolving the way we work and planning to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.  

DB Interiors can see that being prepared to be flexible will be vital. Those organisations that have done best throughout the early period of this crisis will be able to cope with rapid change. They've had a plan, adapted quickly, listened to customer demand, got help where they can and been ready to pivot where they've identified a new opportunity. 

In DB Interiors’ case, they have come up with the conception of designing, project management and installation of temporary hospital solutions to save New Zealanders’ lives. This will involve using their team’s medical fitout experience to mobilise for fitouts of hospitals immediately, coordinating all necessary trades including hoard-fast by Ultimate Solutions. 

DB Interiors is a progressive business with traditional values, and they work closely with their customers, getting to understand their objectives before creating office fit-out and refurbishment solutions. With decades of history in commercial fit-outs, their team delivers innovative, stylish and functional workspaces. This means that during COVID-19 you can change the way you work, with the help of the experienced DB Interiors team. 

The criteria for design are maximisation of space utilisation at minimal capital and operating cost and optimum functional efficiency, with the working environment. DB Interiors’ designers and sales consultants work together with the client to formulate a needs analysis, addressing key areas such as staff interaction, responsibility, vision, company policy and future growth, until the optimum layout is created.  

For their temporary hospital installations this means they will create a quality environment which is functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing and reflects the desired fit out of the hospital owners, so for more information on spatial planning, interior design companies, project management office fit outs and commercial furniture NZ please go to .