The Advantages of Vehicle Financing with 0800 Best Deal Cars

Sunday 24 May 2020, 4:44PM
By Beckie Wright

Financing a car with the car dealer can make the financing experience much more convenient. Instead of faxing or delivering important documents (such as a buyer’s order or bill of sale), and traveling to multiple locations to sign your paperwork, you can use dealer financing to save time. Most auto dealers are “one-stop shops” that effectively arrange financing for you, or provide their own financing (Buy-Here-Pay-Here).

Similarly, auto dealer financing may offer more liberal auto loan terms. Most banks and credit unions only offer extended-term financing (e.g. 72 months) on new or demo vehicles, whereas some dealers can arrange long-term financing on vehicles a few years old. Extended terms cost you much more in the long run, but they are perfect for the buyer with a limited monthly budget.

While many banks and credit unions are relatively strict regarding their advance, some auto dealers can arrange financing with aggressive loan-to-value ratios (Ex. 115% of value versus 90% of value). While no one desires to finance more than the vehicle’s value, this is required as more consumers trade in while “upside-down” on their trade-in vehicles.

0800 Best Deal Cars offer quick and easy, competitive vehicle financing and they work hard to make your vehicle buying experience as hassle free as possible. They can tailor a finance package that you are completely comfortable with; one that suits your budget and your lifestyle.

You will see finance repayments advertised with each of their vehicles, and whilst these are examples, they provide you with information such as to how the repayments are calculated, including interest rate, deposit, term and the total amount payable over the term. If you make your own selection as to term and deposit you will see this information updated.

A full range of insurance options are available for you to review and purchase to compliment your vehicle and loan, providing you with protection for the unexpected, so for more information on car finance and Onehunga car dealers please go to .