Endless Metals in Wairau For Demolition Waste Management

Tuesday 26 May 2020, 6:51PM
By Beckie Wright

Most demolition companies will come up with the same problem on every site they are dealing with, and that is, what to do with all the scrap metal waste that they need to get rid of from the site. If you have some sort of waste metal on your property, Endless Metals in Warau are the people to contact, particularly if you have scrap metal on your site that you need to contain and get out of the way.  

Endless Metals have a range of bins, equipment and transport solutions to help you get the job done, and if you have oversize or loose bulk scrap on site, they have the transport, equipment and ‘know how’ to take care of that too. They can provide daily collections if needed, or can provide a ‘one off’ clean-up and removal service.  

There is another factor to take into account as well, and that is the maximisation of your recovery value for salvaged metals. Endless Metals will make sure your scrap is collected as arranged, and you will also get the best value for your waste metal. They offer holistic waste management services on building and demolition sites, taking care of all your waste streams. If the structures are predominantly metal there is a good chance you will get cash back, instead of paying to have it removed, a ‘win win’ situation for all demolition businesses.  

Finally, Endless Metals have a page on their website where you can see some of the commercial/industrial scrap they commonly receive. However, if you have an item that is not on this list, they will almost always accept your items for recycling, so for more information on scrap metal North Shore, demolition waste management and residential scrap please go to .