TIMG Ready as Continuity Concerns Loom Over New Zealand's Return to the Office

Wednesday 27 May 2020, 5:49PM
By Beckie Wright

The team of information management professionals at TIMG recognise the challenges faced by New Zealand businesses during the Covid-19 lockdown, and that further challenges await as businesses begin to transition back to the office. To help, TIMG is helping clients establish stronger business continuity plans to ensure vital functions can be maintained in the event of future disruptions.

Having been able to provide ongoing service to their clients throughout the Covid-19 lockdown as a support business to essential services, TIMG is now experiencing a significant increase in the demand for more robust business continuity solutions.

This demand has been driven by the experiences of TIMG’s clients during the lockdown, which has exposed shortcomings in many businesses’ existing continuity plans. Many businesses are also experiencing a sense of urgency, as the threat of a second wave of Covid-19 cases and a second lockdown cast a shadow over New Zealand’s recovery.

Increasingly, New Zealand businesses recognise the significance of robust business continuity strategies, and trust TIMG to deliver them. TIMG’s suite of information security solutions greatly strengthen and protect critical business functions. Systems such as BackOnline (set and forget automated cloud storage, online backup and disaster recovery service), Scan on Demand (secure document imaging (scanning) and search options), and Digital Mailroom (physical mail is processed, digitised and electronically delivered, securely converting physical mail to a condensed, indexable and easily transferable format) provide valuable peace of mind in the event of a significant disruption.

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