Booking a Repair at NZ Laptops

Wednesday 27 May 2020, 8:28PM
By Beckie Wright

There are two ways of booking a repair at NZ Laptops, you can call into their shop in Pakuranga, or you can book a repair online with the link to be found on their website. 

Secondly, remote support is available, and you can contact staff before starting a remote support session. 

NZ Laptops specialise in both repairs and sales of refurbished laptops, and they stock some models of laptops that have very cost effective part pricing. If the laptop is unrepairable, they still have options for customers. Pre-sales information is crucial and after explaining to customers those ‘what-if scenarios’ it’s very easy to demonstrate the value of high quality pre-selected refurbished laptops on offer.   

At NZ Laptops they explain that if the device was non-touch, or if you had purchased a slightly different model or brand with the same specs, the cost to repair would be a fraction of the original purchase price, not more. Unremarkably, the end result is that most people say they wish they had had this critical information at the time of purchase.  

NZ Laptops’ service and repair department is one of the best available. They can repair faults that the manufacturers often tell you can’t be fixed, and  many other computer companies aren't even aware of the work NZ Laptops are able to do. Their technicians routinely repair laptops that have had liquid damage and impact damage, replace both northbridge or southbridge chips and graphics processor chips. 

They repair iPad, iPhone and nearly all other Apple products, and they also repair all smartphones and tablets, including iPads.  

NZ Laptops are able to lessen the burden and can get you back up and running quickly and efficiently, so for more information on Macbook repairs Auckland, laptop motherboard repairs and phone screen repairs please go to .