EMS Uncovers Huge Savings for Those Using Home Coffee Machines

Thursday 28 May 2020, 12:50AM
By Beckie Wright

Espresso Machine Specialists—also known as EMS—are a group based in central Auckland, made up of professionals from the New Zealand coffee industry. The group has decades of experience in the industry, and aims to lift the standard and value of espresso machinery in New Zealand.  

With the current ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns across the nation, many cafes have been closed. While lockdowns are scheduled to lift across New Zealand in May, there is no guarantee that future lockdowns later in the year will not be necessary to manage the crisis. 

EMS has noted that this means more people are deciding to invest in home coffee machines, and for those who drink espresso, the machinery used is an important consideration. 

With this is mind, EMS carried out an exercise in order to calculate the costs of drinking café espresso versus home espresso. While investments in home espresso machines and grinders can be easily over $3000, EMS were surprised to find that over 10 years, home espresso machines could save coffee drinkers up to $50,000. 

These figures were based on the costs of installing, running, and maintaining a BFC Plus ($2800) and MACAP Grinder ($630) over 10 years. This was compared to the current average cost of coffee at $4.50 each, for two people having a coffee a day for 10 years. They also noted that the cost of barista-coffee isn’t likely to stay at $4.50, as living wages continue to rise. 

These savings are astounding, and they make a home coffee machine a truly great investment for anyone who reliably drinks espresso every day. 

EMS has been researching and testing coffee equipment and coffee machine brands for decades, in order to help elevate the industry across the nation. The EMS team has many personal contacts amongst Italian manufacturers. TO find out more about the group, you can visit their website here: