New Zealand Fine Prints Launches Graphic Design Focused Collection of Prints

Thursday 28 May 2020, 1:49AM
By Beckie Wright

New Zealand Fine Prints has launched a graphic design-focused collection of prints, showcasing artworks from graphic designers and design inspired artists around the country. For those wanting to explore and dig deeper into the New Zealand Fine Print’s catalogue, this collection of design and graphic art prints is a great place to start!  

Graphic design culture in New Zealand has been growing ever since it first appeared in the 1930’s when technical colleges first started teaching it to students as young as twelve years old. Since the beginning, it has had a big influence on New Zealand art communities and continues to do so even now.  

Graphic design is commonly used for commercial purposes because of its ability to relay meaning to people through messages. The first graphic designs used in media marked the beginning of its influence in New Zealand’s art world. In fact, the impact of early prints used in media is still visible today.  

Simply walk through Lampton Quay or the shopping area in Ponsonby and you will be able to easily see brands influenced by early tourism posters, print advertisements, and art deco prints. There is no doubt that graphic design is now a huge part of our culture and history.  

Despite the distinct differences between graphic art and fine art in New Zealand, both have grown and developed together to create some of New Zealand’s best art pieces.  

For those interested in learning more about the graphic art prints of New Zealand, you can explore the collections available in New Zealand Fine Prints online gallery. This collection is perfect for anyone wanting to decorate their home or office space with New Zealand graphic designs, rather than “kiwiana” or “fine art”. View here