Customer Feedback during our 'new norm'.

Thursday 28 May 2020, 4:36PM
By Customer Care Ltd

The impact that Covid 19 has had on us all is huge and during this time it is vital to look after your staff and customers more than ever.

In order to do this, we can work with you to ensure that correct procedures are being followed and your website is user friendly.  We can implement a programme for your business with no set up costs, no contracts required and no reporting costs – simple!

There are many ways that mystery/secret shoppers can help you in this ever-changing world of shopping.  The first one we will look at is Online Shopping/Website Evaluations as this is becoming more and more popular for the reasons below:

  • You can search for exactly what you want and being able to search for products rather than browsing should be simple.  Your customers only have to search for what they want on your site and then buy it!
  • There are no crowds, no queues and no parking hassles.  All businesses should offer online shopping for the convenience.
  • Reviews of your products services and price checking is a huge benefit of online shopping.  They can and will make comparisons with your competitors rather than going from one physical store to the next.  They can also read what previous customers have said in their reviews of products if this is offered on your site.
  • Customers can shop all over the world and are not limited to their own region any more or their own country. 
  • The convenience that online shopping offers is great.  You no longer have to rush to the store before closing time and can literally shop anytime and anywhere. 
  • You can have the items delivered to your door with a couple of clicks of the mouse.  However, not all websites are easy to navigate and this leads to negative feedback on social media.  Having different testers look at your site and provide you with comprehensive reporting on the ease of use, visual appeal, searching for products and the checkout process is something we can offer you at a very reasonable cost. 

Get detailed and comprehensive feedback on your site and the processes to ensure that the user experience is flawless and simple.   It is also advantageous to compare your site with your main competitors to check what they are offering and what their prices are.  Your online presence is essential to the success of your overall brand image and customer loyalty. You must have a website that meets customer expectations and matches your brand image or your reputation will decline. 

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