Pacific Rendezvous Resort Will Welcome Kiwis on Their Enforced 'Staycation' in New Zealand

Thursday 28 May 2020, 5:39PM
By Beckie Wright

It has become obvious that Kiwis won’t be heading overseas this winter, and possibly for a long time after that, due to the stringent travel bans enforced on us due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year. However, we are all keen to embrace the suggestion that we ‘don’t leave home till we’ve seen the country’ mantra, and take up the call to visit and stay at iconic New Zealand holiday spots. 

High on the list would be the Pacific Rendezvous Resort Resort, which has built up a fantastic reputation with its many loyal clients, some of whom have been coming every year since they opened. Perched high on a promontory with views on three sides that would be worth a million dollars in other less fortunate places, the Pacific Rendezvous Resort complex consists of a 10.5 hectare peninsular with access to two beaches, park-like grounds and spectacular ocean views. This is the ideal playground for a family holiday or a quiet weekend away for couples and friends and there is something for everyone as the Pacific Rendezvous Resort is a destination in itself. 

This is ideal for a great romantic getaway for two, or a four-person stay and travel with friends, or parents can take the whole family for an out-of-town school holiday escape.  

Pacific Rendezvous Resort is just over an hour out of Auckland city at the beautiful destination of the Tutukaka Coast, and the close proximity to Auckland is just one of the reasons why people should head for this great destination.  

The Tutukaka Coast is an adventure playground just waiting to be explored, right outside Auckland’s back door, and has everything anyone could ever need for a weekend away. For those living outside Auckland, they can fly into Auckland airport, hire a car and be paddling in the ocean in just under three hours of lands.  

Pacific Rendezvous Resort is an ideal base to explore the many features of Northland, including the unique coastline, Whangarei and the Bay of Islands, so for more information on accommodation Tutukaka Coast and wedding venues Tutukaka please go to .