Likeable Lab encourages NZers to support local businesses via social media

Friday 29 May 2020, 11:39AM
By Beckie Wright

With the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown having significantly weakened the New Zealand economy, many New Zealanders are prioritising small, local businesses to better aid their communities. With experience helping local businesses improve their online footprint, social media marketing agency Likeable Lab is reminding consumers to extend their patronage of local businesses to social media as well. 

Likeable Lab has offered valuable insights to help New Zealanders better support local businesses through social media, such as the power of glowing testimonials and reviews, post engagement and service subscriptions. They have also drawn attention to new tools that various social media platforms have made available to users. 

Instagram, for example, now provides a “Support Small” sticker that can be applied to Instagram Stories. Users can tag local businesses with the sticker, allowing viewers to click through directly to that business’ Instagram account. 

Facebook also offers a “Businesses Nearby” function, allowing users to search local businesses based on proximity. 

Additionally, Facebook users are increasingly creating support groups to help local businesses network with potential customers. Groups like Support Auckland City Business are raising awareness for local businesses at a time when public sentiment is more strongly in their favour. 

Social media can be a very valuable tool during New Zealand’s economic recovery from Covid-19.  

Likeable Lab encourages New Zealanders to post about local businesses they enjoy, sharing photos of locally made or sourced food and recommending helpful services to friends. A simple photo can make a huge difference for small NZ businesses hit hard by recent events. 

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