Bluebell's 6 Best Tips for a Happy, Healthy Toddler

Friday 29 May 2020, 11:55AM
By Beckie Wright

Keeping toddlers happy and healthy on a normal day of the week is challenging enough, let alone in a time of isolation. If you need of some motivation and inspiration for your toddler today, Bluebell’s 6 best tips for a happy, healthy toddler are here for you!  

1. Let them help you: Toddlers are naturally curious and often want to help you even with the smallest jobs. Letting them do things for themselves and get involved in the activities you’re doing is an great way to build their confidence and ability to keep themselves entertained.  

2. Change of scenery: A change of scenery does wonders on changing the mood of not just adults, but restless toddlers, too. During isolation, most parents don’t have access to their usual routine play dates, day care services and trips to cafes and playgrounds that would usually keep their toddler entertained. Toddlers easily grow restless and that’s when they start fussing and acting out. Going for regular walks and changing between outside and inside activities around the house can help alleviate any restless, irritable toddler, and probably help refresh you, too. 

3. Offer choices but not too many: Boost your baby’s happiness and confidence in making decisions and minimise tantrums. Give your toddler the option to choose between activities. Because most decisions are made for toddlers, they delight at getting to make choices of their own, even if watching tv isn’t an option. Simply tell them “No we’re not watching tv right now, you can either play with your toys or go for a walk, which do you want to do?”  

4. Practice patience and tune in to your baby’s needs: Our lives are busy, but if you can practice patience and learn your toddler’s cues for when they are hungry, restless, tired or in need of attention, you can minimise tantrums and encourage them. They will happily entertain themselves if they know mum or dad is close by if they need them.   

5. Sleeping: Having enough sleep is so important for healthy growing and emotional stability. When a toddler is too tired, they don’t have the energy to cope with difficult situations and are more likely to fuss and throw tantrums. Make sure they get the sleep they need, and if possible, make sure you get the sleep you need, too. 

6. The right nutrition: From boosting a person’s immunity and energy levels to increasing their overall happiness, we know that getting the right nutrition is important for so many things, this is true for toddlers, too! Toddlers are often picky eaters, but as long as you have nutritional meals and healthy snacks on hand, you can make sure they get the nutrients they need. If you’re looking for inspiration, toddler milk drinks are the perfect snack or meal that your little one will love. They are nutritionally rich and provide an excellent source of fatty acids and lipids essential in every toddler’s diet. For more information of toddler milk drinks, visit Bluebell online at: