Kenny & Harlow's Best Kept Secret in Designing their Bridal Collection

Friday 29 May 2020, 12:40PM
By Beckie Wright

Kenny & Harlow houses some of the most beautiful contemporary and classic wedding dresses in New Zealand. The bridal boutique offers elegant and sophisticated custom-made designs for brides-to-be, providing their clients with exceptional tailoring services. 

Thoughtful design, an eye for detail, and careful curation of fabrics are all ingredients used to make Kenny & Harlow’s romantic bridal collection come to life.  Fabrics are sourced from all over the world with each piece paying homage to their very own weavers, spinners, and tailors. New Zealand plays a significant role in Kenny & Harlow’s brand design. The picturesque landscape and flow serve as an inspiration for the simplistic yet dreamy designs of Kenny & Harlow dresses. 

From the beautiful fabrics that create free-flowing and classic silhouettes down to the intricate detailing of the dresses, Kenny & Harlow’s carefully crafted wedding pieces are made to flatter the femininity of any bride. 

Apart from offering a range of exquisite collection of bridal gowns, Kenny & Harlow also offer bespoke designs to suit all types of brides. Their bespoke gowns are created with thought and love – fulfilling their promises of making every bride’s dream wedding possible through the designer’s creations. 

With fabrics sourced worldwide, and dresses designed and made in New Zealand, Kenny & Harlow’s collection and bespoke designs display the art of thoughtful inspiration and timeless beauty created for the modern bride. 

Kenny & Harlow has an open showroom located in Newmarket where future brides are able to receive a personal and thoughtful wedding-dress experience alongside family members or their bridal party. 

To learn more about their beautiful collections, visit the Kenny & Harlow website at