The Advantages of Engaging Trust Property Management Services

Friday 29 May 2020, 6:08PM
By Beckie Wright

Founded in 2007, Trust Property Management saw the need for better value property management services, and this seems like a good time to go over all the advantages of engaging their expertise.  

Managing over 250 residential tenancies in Wellington, growth shows no signs of slowing down, with clients based in Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Uganda, the USA and the United Kingdom. Trust Property Management’s ‘point of difference’ is that they provide their clients with the highest levels of property management services at a reasonable cost, and their services differ from the pack in two key areas.  

Firstly, they charge their clients a set monthly fee, not a percentage of rent, because they believe that the value of your property and the rent it commands does not reflect the costs of managing it. This means that when your rental return increases, their fee does not, helping you to maximise your return on investment.  

Secondly, when maintenance is required, they assess all maintenance work themselves, before making a decision about the most cost-effective way to undertake it. There is no call out fee for this assessment, as it is their experience that many property owners are charged unnecessarily high amounts for maintenance, arranged by their property manager in reliance on the information passed on from tenants.  

Trust Property Management encourage their clients to use Trust Approved Contractors, and they provide a service guarantee with all work undertaken by their approved contractors.  If the work is not right, they will put it right at their cost. However, alternatively, they will work with your preferred contractors. 

Finally, Trust Property Management was founded on the belief that landlords, property investors, and tenants deserve better communication, lots of common sense and easy to use systems, all at a fair price, so for more information on rental managers, residential property management and Wellington property management please go to .