Green Group Collective's Hand Sanitisers Ideal for Work or School in Level 2

Sunday 31 May 2020, 9:31AM
By Beckie Wright

Green Group Collective’s hand sanitisers have been scientifically proven to protect against 100+ known germs, and the technology used in their New Edition NZ Sanitisers (Z-71 Microbe Shield) has been successfully tested by independent labs and proven 99% effective against numerous known germs and viruses. This makes it ideal for people now going back to their office, or for your kids going back to school, now we are in Level 2. Just one application of the hand sanitiser and your protected against 99% of germs for up to 24 hrs 

Their water-based sanitisers use a unique, antimicrobial molecule derived from sand, that once activated and bonded to a surface acts like microscopic pins to pierce and physically kill germs — a bit like a pin popping a balloon. This incredible little molecule means they don’t need to use chemicals like alcohol, triclosan, or phenoxyethanol, making them safe and non-irritating for all ages, from new-born to elderly (even including pets). 

Green Group Collective advise that you wash your hands first, as their products are not instant killers, washers or detergents. Therefore, make sure you effectively wash your hands or any surface prior to applying their sanitisers to ensure the ultimate germ protecting power. The purpose of their sanitisers is to kill and protect against any future germs you come in contact with. 

Regarding how New Edition NZ sanitisers compare to alcohol based sanitisers, alcohol based sanitisers chemically kill germs but don’t protect against future bacteria you or the surface come in contact with. New Edition NZ Sanitiser formula physically kills and protects against germs for much longer after its been applied – up to 24hrs on skin and up to 30 days on surfaces. 

 Because they don’t use alcohol, their sanitisers are safe to use on and around babies, children, elderly and pets. It also means your hands and skin will not be left feeling dry from daily use. 

Once applied to your skin and it has dried, you are protected for up to 24 hours as we naturally renew our skin cells every 24 hours, so for more information on travel hand sanitisers, family sanitising packs and baby hand sanitisers please go to .