DE Healthcare For All PPE Requirements During Level 2 Lockdown

Monday 1 June 2020, 4:56AM
By Beckie Wright

As we all wait to see when the COVID-19 Level 2 lockdown is set to begin, we will also be interested to see which PPE requirements will be manifest for businesses opening back up. It will be most important for said businesses, whether they are restaurants, bars and cafes, or small retail shops, beauty salons or hairdressers to be able to access the PPE required.  

DE Healthcare will be able to offer most of the lines of PPE which will most likely be required, such as masks, gloves, wipes and bibs for businesses to operate safely during lockdown levels 1-3. The good news is they now have new ear loop masks that they are currently selling, a 3ply surgical mask from Softmed, which comes in a box of 50. These masks are white ear loop masks which are ASTM level 2 standard. 

DE Healthcare now also have a clear face shield, which is manufactured in New Zealand. This is a disposable Wrap Around Full Face Shield (24 pack) made from rigid material with an adjustable PVC band and optically clear screen. 

A comprehensive personal protective equipment (PPE) programme not only can be one of the easiest safety and health programs your company can implement and maintain, but it also can be one of the most beneficial. 

The level of PPE usage, however, has lacked in the past, partly because of style and comfort issues. PPE manufacturers understand the importance of developing and improving the design by making products more comfortable, fashionable and easier to use. The better it feels, looks and goes on, the more likely it is to be implemented, so for more information on dental disposable products, dental instruments and disinfectant wipes NZ please go to .