Sustainable Renovation Auckland Sustainable Renovation Auckland CREDIT: Henrietta D

Sustainable Homes Make Economic & Environmental Sense

Thursday 18 June 2020, 2:23PM
By Henrietta D


Clients who are in the market to build their dream home will find Renovation Builders are meeting demand for standout green homes. The company believes that green projects allow them to do the right thing for the client and the community.


By creating energy efficient healthy houses, they can address the market demand for incorporating green building practices into the New Zealand residential construction sector. These houses stand out from the crowd, allowing homeowners to strive to a better standard of living and social consciousness.


The team at Renovation Builders lead by founder Zane Raphael have complete over 150 renovations and new home builds. His own home renovation project achieved a 10 Homestar Built rating.


The building process with Renovation Builders is a collaborating effort that involves the architect and the owner. This allows a project that starts off with sustainability in mind to push boundaries and achieve more in terms of incorporating green ideas. This could mean the insulation below the roof or in the walls are of a greater rating than is standard. Using high quality double glazing, heat recovery ventilation systems, extra wide hallways and doors, easily accessible kitchen drawers, photovoltaic panels are all some ideas that can be incorporated into the home.


Greywater recycling system, rainwater tanks and native landscaping are all the right choices for the home. The collaborative effort by Renovation Builders ensures that good design and technology will ensure that the house renovation or build is cost effective in the long run. It is not just the savings in the obvious such as water and electricity bills, but warm and fresh home ensures residents have fewer sick days off work.


For more information, visit Renovation Builders on or Zane can be contacted on 021 771583