The Wardrobe Company For Your Home Office Solution

Tuesday 23 June 2020, 3:32PM
By Beckie Wright

Working from home? No need to ‘rough it’ – The Wardrobe Company ( can get it sorted for you. Whilst working from home has been a growing trend over recent years, it had until recently been something we could choose to do, whether due to self-employment or by arrangement with one’s employer. 

However, recent global events have changed that from optional to compulsory. Obviously not all occupations lend themselves to carrying out work from a home environment but most office tasks are now very portable and can be undertaken remotely. During the ‘lockdown’ and under subsequent less stringent conditions many people have discovered the possibilities and advantages of undertaking at least some of their work from their homes. 

Of course not everyone has a dedicated room in which to set up a home office, so dining tables throughout New Zealand have been commandeered for the task, along with tables in bedrooms and any other space that can accommodate a laptop and a person!

The highly experienced team at The Wardrobe Company have been designing, manufacturing, and installing home office solutions in clients’ homes for many years and can bring their creative flair to providing an efficient workspace in your home. 

There’s no necessity to have a massive space available – with the design capabilities of The Wardrobe Company team you can enjoy a compact, efficient home office facility providing an environment conducive to maintaining high productivity. 

So, don’t persevere with any more makeshift options – call in the experts: The Wardrobe Company – go to or phone 0800 CLOSET, and for more information on storage solutions NZ , wardrobe shelving and sliding wardrobe doors NZ please go to .