APS Equipment Now Has Available a Forestry Kit Attachment for Their Range of Magni Rotating Telehandlers

Wednesday 24 June 2020, 5:12PM
By Beckie Wright

Forests contribute $6 billion a year to New Zealand's economy, and during the present crisis we rely on sustainable forestry and its related wood processing industries to provide tens of thousands of jobs for New Zealanders, supporting our families and our regions, and APS Equipment’s forestry kit is your all in one solution for clearcutting.

This kit is available for all the models of the RTH range and is designed specifically to make the work of the operator simple and sufficient. This solution is extremely versatile and adequate for a vast amount of reasons, and this includes safe and clean cutting of the tree, as well as an adaptable solution for the collection of shrubs. This kit it is also used in maintenance of roadsides, trails, and paths in all terrains such as flat land, on slopes, and even in marshy areas.

Due to the many sensors and other live safety readers placed strategically on their machines, overload protection is one of the main focuses APS Equipment prioritize for their customers, as traditionally, safety has been neglected in this industry. With their machines implementing a fully immersive LMI system, it is very difficult for overload to occur. With a customized load chart dedicated specifically for this kit, they also have added another key overload safety feature called “quick drop”.  

With the actual weight of a tree being unknown when cutting, this feature is made 
to quickly drop the tree when it feels the balance of the machine beginning to become unsteady, immediately protecting the operator and his/her surroundings. APS Equipment understand that it is very important that equipment is up and running at full potential at all times, which is why they have designed added special protection of the machine for the forestry kit to maximize performance and be the most cost-effective solution for their customers. 

By installing a metal plate into each of the boom hollows, this protects key components of the boom from debris entering and eventually damaging major internals, stopping the job at hand. They have also added an extra steel cage surrounding the outside of cab’s front and top windshield as an extra layer of protection, protecting the operator from any major injury.  

Finally, due to the rapid growth of technology, APS Equipment decided they had to be one of the first companies in the industry to create and install a fully immersive wireless remote control that can be operated and accessed outside of the cab, so for more information on agricultural telehandlers, Manitou telehandlers and telescopic handlers please go to .