Stimulate Energy With Spa Ayurda's Relaxing Leg & Foot Massage

Thursday 25 June 2020, 3:15PM
By Beckie Wright

The Ayurvedic foot massage technique doesn’t involve deep muscle massage. The goal is to stimulate the subtle energies of the marma points and nadis (similar to acu-pressure points) in the body. In the Ayurvedic tradition, foot massage is said to balance the bodily humors, or doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha. According to Ayurveda, balancing vata, pitta, and kapha activates the body's natural immune response. Foot massage is one way of doing this. 

Spa Ayurda’s relaxing leg and foot massage allows the powerfully healing touch of their trained therapists to soothe your mind and body as you feel the tension melt away from your feet and legs. You will experience the pure relaxation of this lavish massage, conducted with healing oils and ancient techniques using marma or vital energy points to leave you feel refreshed and energised. 

Ayurveda literally means “the art of living wisely” or “the science of life and longevity”. It is a profound science of living that encompasses the whole of life and relates the individual to the universe, considering mind , body and spirit together. It is a holistic system of healing in the truest sense.  

Whatever your age or lifestyle, the therapists at Spa Ayurda can help you rediscover your own unique state of positive health so you can meet life’s challenges with renewed vitality and confidence. 

Ayurveda teaches us that we have a constitution, our own mix of the doshas, which is our individual psychobiological makeup. In modern terms we speak of this blue print as our inherited genetic code. Since antiquity, Ayurveda has called it prakruti, a constant factor that does not change throughout life. 

Foot massage is a simple, drug-free method for reducing stress and stimulating the digestion, absorption, assimilation, and the transformation of food into energy.  

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