Ask Bartercard's Tips for Building/Maintaining a Successful Business

Thursday 25 June 2020, 8:45PM
By Beckie Wright

In this challenging economic climate, it’s more important than ever for businesses to think outside the box. Even if your doors are closed, or you’re working in a reduced capacity, you can still get new customers, offset your expenses, and keep cash in your business while continuing to strengthen and expand your networks 

Bartercard works, especially during the current Covid-19 crisis, as every day, groups of business people, friends, and colleagues are meeting virtually, and there are retailers and florists and marketers collaborating with accountants, finance consultants, and tradespeople. When you first meet someone, resist the temptation to push your product or service onto them. Instead, work on building a rapport. Your new contact will ask you in good time about the details surrounding your business. 

When you meet with your new contacts, ask more questions about them and their business. Remember to throw in a few questions about their preferred network event. Once again, curb the excitement you have for your business. Your goal is to learn all you can about your new acquaintance. 

Bartercard members welcome new small businesses with open arms. Yes, they are here to do business with you, but also to support you and help you grow your business. You can turn to them for advice, brainstorm ideas, or ask for referrals. All Bartercard members benefit when everyone in the network is doing well. 

Members also believe there is a better, more sustainable way to do business in the future and are utilising all the tools in the Bartercard trade exchange to make that happen. 

Bartercard is a highly effective platform to build brand awareness, sell inventory, and generate extra revenue, with access to a new market of customers and create lasting business partnerships. Attracting extra sales through Bartercard also leads to referrals in the cash economy. 

A strong network is essential for a successful business. It creates valuable connections and partnerships and attracts new customers and referrals. If you would like to find out how Bartercard can become part of your business network, and for more information on Bartercard Business Benefits please go to .