Ikoi Spa's Gift Vouchers Come in a Unique Gift Box

Thursday 25 June 2020, 8:49PM
By Beckie Wright

Ikoi Spa have a unique gift box for all gift vouchers, nicely packaged and ready to go. There is no one else doing this in Auckland, or you have to spend a lot more to have the gift box, whereas Ikoi Spa’s beautifully packaged gift box is provided with no extra charge. It is a great idea to send a wellness treatment with nice packaging, and if you’re not sure which treatment to give, simply select the dollar amount and let them decide.  

Now that we are in Level 1 of the COVID-19 government shut-down, you should consider treating yourself and a loved one to Ikoi Spa’s truly unique signature treatment - New Zealand's first and only Enzyme Spa experience. Enveloping your body in warm comforting sawdust permeated with nutrients simply feels like nothing else. 

Alternatively, you can choose from, or combine with, a selection of speciality massage therapy, hydrating body treatments and luxurious facials. 

Ikoi’s signature service is their Enzyme Spa Treatment 60 minutes, and is a traditional Japanese deep heating ritual, tracing its origins over 90 years. Made from a unique blend of rice bran, pinewood sawdust and Japanese enzymes carefully sourced from organic fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds grown in Hokkaido in Japan. This warming dry spa releases tension, detoxifies the body and both invigorates and softens the skin. 

Step in to the Enzyme Spa, and feel the heat from nature's purification process as the enzymes break down all the other ingredients. Even though it is a self-cleansing medium, Ikoi Spa replenish their Enzyme Spa every week in order to keep the pleasant aromatic quality of the treatment.  

All vouchers purchased before 31 July 2020 will have an extended validity date of 18 months, and Ikoi Spa look forward to seeing you soon. As they say, “Until then, be well and be safe”, and for more information on Japanese massage, day spas Auckland and massage Takapuna please go to .