Lincoln Green's Sustainability Commitment

Thursday 25 June 2020, 8:50PM
By Beckie Wright

Quality Hotel Lincoln Green values people and cares for the environment, and found a great opportunity in joining the Tourism New Zealand Sustainability Commitment. They share their goal to improve the tourism industry here in Aotearoa through the four elements (Economic, Visitor, Host Community & Environment) and 14 commitments.  

Below are some initiatives they implement under the Sustainability Commitment. 


-          Reduce printing and copying to save on paper usage 

-          Started using an electronic timesheet and roster system to save paper 

-          Changed to an electronic compendium in the rooms 

-          Nanotech technology has been applied to showers, bathroom floors and public areas to reduce the amount of chemicals used for cleaning 

-          Environmental awareness cards placed in the rooms for towel reuse and water usage 

-          Energy efficient AC units installed to reduce power usage and improve guest comfort 

-          LED Lights have been fitted into rooms 

-          Changed our supply chain policy to only deal with suppliers that have a sound sustainability policy 

-          As part of the West Auckland Trusts Services, they actively contribute to the Million Dollar Mission run annually by the Trusts. Every year, 2 million dollars are be spread out to multiple community organizations that apply for funding. . 

-          This year they combined all our sponsorship efforts into the amazing partnership they have with the Northern Mystic.  

-          The trusts also run a mates awards initiative encouraging all trusts team members to nominate workmates that are thriving in their respective businesses under the Trusts values; Give It A Go, Mates, A Game, Respect, Keep Sharp and Strive. 

-          Our Guest Whisperer incentive is awarded to the team member who receives the most positive feedback from their guests for the month. You can read about their latest winner on their Facebook page . 


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