All-Round Safety Provide Cost Effective Safety Packages

Friday 26 June 2020, 1:39PM
By Beckie Wright

All-Round Safety offers competitively priced products to the New Zealand market, and are a supplier of safety protective equipment and work place apparel to end user customers. Their aim is to work with businesses of all sizes and to provide cost effective safety packages, offering great safety brands and pride themselves in after sales service and customer satisfaction.

All-Round Safety are dedicated to providing quality, affordable PPE-Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment to ensure all their customers and their employees make it home safely to their families, and operate nation-wide through their online web store. They also sell to the public and service trade and B2B customers.

As they like to say, “Your safety is important to us and our commitment is to find cost effective solutions for your business to ensure the safety of your employees. Our National Sales Representative is available to discuss your safety requirements”.

All-Round Safety offers reduced overheads, fast effective service and efficiencies through smart distribution, which make them price competitive when compared to other independent and multi-national safety providers, and they aim to provide world class customer service, order fulfilment, accuracy and to deliver quality products on time.

They have national coverage through their 3PL distribution centre, and direct shipping capabilities via their network of nationwide suppliers. Most deliveries are overnight, or indent product is shipped within two to three days. All-Round Safety can assist you with finding solutions within a wide range of their quality products, working with customers in the Mining, Oil and Gas industry, Construction Steel, Food Industry, Transport, Forestry, Emergency, Engineering, Asbestos Removal and more.

They work alongside reputable suppliers and manufacturers that have extensive experience in worldwide sourcing and manufacturing, and the products they source will meet or exceed the requirements of AS/NZS Australian and New Zealand Standards and/or the European CE and International Standards where applicable.

Their suppliers have developed strong and successful partnerships with many respected safety specialists recognised worldwide for innovation, market leading technology and quality, so for further information on Personal Protection Equipment, Respiratory Protection and Hand Sanitizers please go to .